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Do you really need a financial coach to boost profits?

Small business owners go into business for themselves for several reasons. They are looking for independence, control, security and/or to prove a concept. Some are just not employable as their personalities just don’t fit the corporate mold. Whatever their motives are for starting a business, each individual sets out to create wealth to sustain the lifestyle they desire.

However, reality shows 80% are living paycheck to paycheck and often paying employees more than they are taking home themselves. This surely is not the outcome the entrepreneur’s expected.

Business owners do not have to settle for this type of financial outcome. With an open mind and some changes, they can be proud owners of profitable businesses that produce the wealth and life they set out to achieve. But that won’t happen if they do not know what steps to take.

So where should you start?

Seek help. If you are one of those business owners living paycheck to paycheck, don’t suffer any longer. We provide a simple and comprehensive program dedicated to not just your profitability, but to business sustainability and to growing your personal wealth.

Wealth generation begins with one’s ability to make, save and invest money.

This is why financial coaching is an integral part of our wealth creation and retention program along with tax minimization and wealth management strategies.
Some think of our coaching program as a “High Voltage Wealth Generation System” because of the success they have had improving cash flow to generate profits! Finally, they have the money to invest in their business and personal futures. It takes some work but the pay-off is more than worth it!

Our four-pillar coaching program strengthens a business’ profitability and value while helping the business owner find more time to do the things that are most important to them.

At the beginning of the coaching program, clients are introduced to Mike Michalowicz and his “Profit First” system. It’s a system that plays off a business owner’s strengths yet creates a moat around their cash flow. While the system may not be right for all businesses, running the profit assessment on the business reveals areas that need improvement to enhance profitability.

Who wouldn’t want to have a profitable business where one is now paying themselves a higher income plus receiving a quarterly dividend?

That is what the Profit First system can help you accomplish.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

While the system is easy to implement and allows business owners to focus on what they do best to grow their business, the Profit First system requires the owner’s commitment, patience and diligence to organizational performance. In other words, it requires commitment. This is not a one-shot silver bullet but an ongoing process that works to increase the value of your business and its sustainability. So, if you are not 100% committed to reaching your business and wealth goals, this program is NOT for you.

The second pillar concentrates on the importance of planning, identifying what key tasks are predictors of your revenue growth, and monitoring outcomes.

These steps enable the owner to take proactive steps before the business is negatively impacted. It’s almost like the business owner can predict the future, and in a sense, they can. However, these predictors have to be based on the facts and data from tracking the business’ systems, processes and performance.

Sometimes finding these leading performance indicators requires some experimentation and help from an outside perspective. But once in place, these indicators can help a business owner run their business smoothly, increasing their business confidence and provide a clear direction for their employees.

The third pillar is essential to your financial success.

This pillar sets the framework to grow your business efficiently and effectively. The business owner will evaluate their business systems and processes to uncover ways to improve outcomes or fill in gaps. Where systems do not exist, we will help the owner assess their most critical needs and work them to get the most important systems and processes implemented. The key word here: implementation!

So why are systems so important?

First, they make better, more efficient, use of the owner’s and employee’s time. Systems can also help improve the service level a business offers its clients. Lastly, good, solid and efficient systems can boost the value of the business if the owner eventually sells it.

The fourth component overlays the other three components: it is accountability.

Business owners must be willing to be accountable for the outcomes and willing take action to reach the level of success they desire and live on their terms. Helping businesses succeed is why this program exists… not to prolong the agony of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

The riches may be in the niches, but prosperity lies in the implementation. And lucky for you, 60%-80% of businesses and salespeople are not focused on the follow-through. So just taking the first step to improving your situation rises you above the competition.

Now, let us help you obtain the prosperity and wealth generation you deserve. Are you ready to start?

We offer three levels of coaching programs so you can select the level of service your business requires.

For more information about our program details, contact us here.

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