Are You Maximizing Your Cash Flow and Profits?

Now is the time to take control of your finances and your successful future with business wealth creation coaching!

Nationwide, small businesses are at crisis levels when it comes to debt and survival.

Thousands are failing. About two-thirds of small businesses with employees survive at least two years, about half survive at least 5 years, and only 20-30% make it to 10 years per the Small Business Administration.

With the pandemic, it’s getting worse. Recent data from Bloomberg and Yelp show that more than 80,000 small businesses closed within a four-month period in 2020 and this included approximately 60,000 local businesses with less than five locations.

It’s very easy for growing businesses to run into cash flow issues that can jeopardize their sustainability.

Does this sound a little too familiar… and scary?

Don’t’ worry, you can learn how to keep your business humming in tough times.

If you struggle producing the profits you desire or if you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight, we are here to help you get off the hamster wheel with personalized business coaching.

We’ll start with a strategic conversation regarding your personal aspirations, your business goals, and your business plans. Then we’ll evaluate your current situation, markets, marketing, potential changes, transitions, and recommend steps to get you on the path you desire.

The program includes:

  • Improving your cash flow and profitability and introducing the Profit First principals.
  • Identify key metrics that keep your business focused on profitability.
  • Manage debt and set strategies to manage cash flow through slow periods.
  • Learn how growth can impact your existing processes;
  • Discover how to protect your business from implosion;
  • Leverage proven systems and strategies to enjoy profitable results; and
  • Create a solid foundation for business growth.

No one wants to become one of the negative statistics so get the help you need to enjoy your business again!

It’s time to gain control of your cash flow, boost profitability and make your dreams of greater wealth and success a reality.

Contact us here to find out more about business wealth creation today.

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