How To Start A Profitable Business

Congratulations on your decision to become a business owner. This is where TRUE wealth is created, and life freedom can be obtained. It takes work to get there, but you are capable of doing it with the right direction. Just your consideration to investigate our program tells me you are serious about your business and your future!

Jumpstart Your Launch is designed to help business owners create a sustainable business foundation that gives them a jumpstart on their competition. This six-week training program has an ambitious curriculum focused on launching profitable businesses.

As you work through the program, you will create a working business plan, marketing outline and financial success strategy that you can implement by week seven! This program is not just for new businesses. Existing business owners have also benefited from this program by improving profitability and operational efficiencies. This resulted in happier customers and more money for the business owner to reinvest in their business or support their other goals.

The business plan you develop will be more than a tool to get bank financing. It will be your blueprint to creating a viable business that meets a need in the marketplace and rewards you for your time and effort. More importantly it serves as a roadmap to keep you focused on your goals while creating efficiencies and building business value with systems and processes.

We created this program to help ensure your success! Too many hard working businesses fail each year and those failure numbers have not improved over the past three decades. That shouldn't be, and we are committed to change this fact. Our mission is to increase business success rates over the next decade!

Here is a summary of our success curriculum you will complete in this six-week course.
There is much more to each module, but this should give you an idea of how each week is structured.

Laying the Foundation

Making certain you get the basics set up and you protect your business and your ideas.
We highly recommend that you work with a business attorney to ensure you understand the rules in your state

Data Collection

Collect pertinent information and learn how the information can help plan your future. It is an essential piece of your strategic prosperity plan. You will not be required to share this information with the group, but you will need the information to complete the assignments.

Leveraging Your Resources for Success

This session builds off the previous week. We will look at some of the Profit First principals and explore how they may fit in your business model and how it can provide guidance toward reaching your financial goals.

Big Dreams

Big dreams need concise clarity to become reality. This week you will define your goals and make certain they align with the values you establish for your business. We will address what needs to be done to reach each goal and explore what hurdles you may encounter. We will talk about how to make your business more resilient to recessions and other market surprises.

Building Relationships with Raving Fans

Define the client, describe the ideal client experience with your organization, and explore various pricing strategies.

Develop An Organizational Structure

Develop an organizational structure that creates efficiencies and delivers the business model you want to create. Learn how to protect your business interests and what to watch out for when bringing on business or financial partners.

Create a business you love and support the lifestyle you desire!

This small group will gather weekly for virtual training calls. Each participant will receive course materials and an individual one-hour private coaching session. This program is for serious entrepreneurs only! To participate, each applicant is required to complete an application, pay the registration fee, and sign a service agreement with a non-disclosure clause.

Seating Is Limited

Seating is limited as each group is limited to 15 participants. So if you are ready to get started, our next online class starts the week of September 12th, 2023

When is the training?

To accommodate our participants, we will schedule the training on a day and time that works best for most registrants. You will have the opportunity to note your references on the application.

$300 with guarantee!

The cost is only $300 with a 60-day money back guarantee.1 So your risk is limited. Why delay your success and re-invent the process? Don’t you deserve this jumpstart to success! Time is money as the saying goes!

1There are limitations to the guarantee. The sixty days begins after our last scheduled call. Participants must attend the calls, do the assignments, implement their written strategies and participate in the one-on-one coaching call for the guarantee to be valid. We can not guarantee the inaction of a business owner but we can guarantee that by developing a plan that meets your target audiences', needs and doing the work, you will build a business you will be proud to own. However, it takes work and it has to be YOUR creation while always recognizing that the customer is KING. Remember, it is their dollars that you need to sustain your business.

We are in the process of rebranding. More changes to come after tax season.